Treatment Day 1


Today was my first day of treatment.

My team of doctors and nurses are telling me what I need to do medically to fight this and my God and I are fighting this spiritually. I believe there is a name higher than cancer, and that name is Jesus.

Ever since I first found out that I would be having treatment I have been trying to prepare myself for how I would feel physically. I didn’t think that I would feel the side effects of treatment right away as it was going through my IV today but I’d like to think that I was as prepared as I could have been in that moment. Luckily this photo was taken before I started feeling the way I do now. As much as I feel weak, I feel strong. I know this is going to be a difficult journey, but I also know that God only gives you what you can handle. Which must mean that He believes that I can handle this and fight this.

I’m fully and whole-heartedly trusting in the Lord.

Thank you for your support through a pretty disaster and thank you for the well wishes, positive thoughts and prayers. My goal is to keep this blog updated regularly. as I know there are people who are following my journey.

Day one down, 55 weeks to go.

It’s battle time and I’m ready to fight.

6 thoughts on “Treatment Day 1

  1. Ok Warrior Princess !! The battle is on Just remember the scripture “Is there anything to hard for me?”
    “My arm is not to short that it cannot save neither is my ear dull of hearing that is cannot hear”the battle is not yours….. Let HIM fight it for you……You need only to rest in His Loving arms. In this very short time of knowing you I truly see a strong woman of God!! I admire you for being so brave I will be praying for you in this journey. God Bless you:)..



  2. To my sweet Mikayla….I am so sorry to hear about your” Pretty Disaster” but I am not surprised to see and hear about your love for God. It is amazing, warms my heart and brings tears to my eyes. He has helped me through many upsets in my own life and I know he will be there for you too. You always were a sweet girl and a fighter who stood up for what you believed in. We have come along way from the days of St.Teresa’s school but I want you to know that you have always been special in my eyes and I will keep you in my prayers. You are beautiful on the outside but more important your beauty shines from within! It takes alot of courage to talk about one’s illness. You are an inspiration to all of us….old and young. Keep fighting and you will certainly be in my prayers! God bless you and all my love!!!

    Your OLD teacher and friend,
    Julie Wilkins


  3. When Ann sent me the link to your blog, her email said that she was speecless. So am I. That you have found the words to sincerely share your story is amazing, but not surprising. The Holy Spirit will continue to guide you. And I promise to find words to continue to encourage you!

    Many blessings.



  4. Hang in there Mikayla! Its going to be tough but you, your support system and God will help you through this! I will hold you in my prayers every day! I thought 6 weeks was bad, you have 55 – you CAN do this! Love and hugs always – will get my prayer circle going for you beautiful girl! There’s nothing like a hug from your Mom to cheer you up. God Bless. Donna


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