Goodbye, Summer

Lately, people have been asking me how my summer was. And it’s a hard question to answer.

This has been the worst summer of my life. Never did I expect that I would have spent my summer doing cancer treatment. Never did I want to feel sick all summer long.

This summer, I had plans. When I look back to see how those plans didn’t work out, I know it’s because God had different plans for me.

This summer I wanted to find/work at a job that would give me experience for my future career. This was supposed to be my last summer before graduation, so I wanted to find a job that would give me experience in the public relations/communications industry. I applied to a handful of jobs back in January and February. I remember writing and praying back at that time that I was trusting in God and trusting that He would put me right where I belong.

And then I was diagnosed with cancer.

And all of those plans that I might have had didn’t matter anymore.

What mattered was God’s plan for me and what He had in store for me.

I didn’t want it to be cancer treatment that was in store for me, but God did. I don’t know all of the reasons why He put me through this trial but I know that He wants me to get healthy and better. So He wanted me to do this. God did not give me cancer. But He’s fighting alongside me every single day.

Through all of this, I have realized that if you are sincerely hoping for something and it doesn’t end up the way that you want it to, it’s usually because it wasn’t God’s will and there is something even better lined up for you.

I’m not saying that cancer treatment was my “something better” but I do believe that one day, this will all make a little more sense to me than it does right now and it is my hope that I can use all of this to help someone else and to bring glory to God.

In light of all of this, this summer I was the maid of honour in my cousin’s wedding, I got my full license, I completed two summer courses, I went to my other cousin’s wedding, and went to two concerts. So although this summer has been challenging and tough, there were moments that were good and I don’t want to lose sight of that.

I just completed 8 weeks of my maintenance phase of chemotherapy and have another 40 weeks to go. It is such a long haul that I sometimes get discouraged but I’m trying my best to be patient and to stay positive through the help of my support system and Saviour.

Jesus has taught me so much about having patience this summer. What has He been teaching you? Feel free to leave a comment for me!

Enjoy the last few weeks of your summer,

2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Summer

  1. Hey I’m so glad you had some fun this summer, and congrats on finishing two courses! And you forgot to mention that you have done some shifts at Foodland! We are all so thrilled to have you back if only for a few hours! Your smile and sweet personality have been greatly missed! I admire you so much! I’m going to keep asking u to go on a Starbucks date until u finally are up to it and say yes. 😃 as always I think about you every day and send you positive vibes every chance I get. Love you, stay strong!


  2. Good for you!! You did get several things accomplished despite your injections I am so impressed. Well done!!!!!!


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