5 Things I Wish I Would Have Been Told When I Was Diagnosed With Cancer

Here’s my list of 5 things that I wish I would have been told when I was diagnosed with cancer.

  1. Your relationships will change

Every single one of them. Relationships with your family and your friends. Your relationship with God. The people in your life that you hope will handle this well, won’t. Many people do not know how to support or talk to someone facing an illness or tragedy. Cancer is uncomfortable to talk about and that changes relationships. Some of your relationships and friendships will grow so much stronger than you ever anticipated. People you haven’t talked to in years will reconnect with you and people you barely know will show they care about you. You will be reminded that there are still good people in this world.

2. Your family’s lives will change

Your parents will be scared and upset, just as other members of your family will be. They will worry even when they are trying to smile and remain positive for you. They will be going through a process of change that you won’t understand yourself, just as you’re going through a process of change that they won’t understand themselves.

3. You’ll need distractions

Your friends will help with this. Movies, school, music, concerts, and talking about anything other than the “c” word are all good distractions. Don’t let your mind only focus on the bad things. Keep your mind busy and fill it with good things.

4. You will change

You will not be the same person that you once were. And that’s okay. Try to embrace it. You will feel more deeply, love more fully and your life will have new meaning. You won’t take any crap. You won’t dwell on the small things because you have freaking cancer(!).

5. It’s okay to feel what you need to feel

You will be angry and you will be bitter. And that’s okay. You will be overwhelmed and you will be scared. Also okay. Cancer is uncertain and scary and confusing. All of the emotions that you feel are okay. You’re human. If you need to cry, then cry. If you need to scream, then scream. Never let anyone tell you to push these things aside. It’s okay to feel them.

These are just some of the things that I wish I would have been told when I was diagnosed with cancer.

Thanks for reading,

5 thoughts on “5 Things I Wish I Would Have Been Told When I Was Diagnosed With Cancer

  1. Mikayla, you never cease to inspire me. After all these years I still reflect on our time at CSLC with warm memories. Keep being the inspiration you always have been. Sending warm vibes your way.


  2. Even if someone had told you when you were first diagosed, you may not have believed them. However, now that you are a stronger person, you will understand them better. Hugs.


  3. I went through some similar thoughts when I lost my husband. Friends and family I thought I could rely on were not there. I think they were afraid to bring up the subject. My friends in Elmira were there for me and were so supportive. Some people cannot deal with change, good or bad. All the things that happen in our lives do make us stronger eventually and your points are so valid. Keep busy and trust in those friends that are there for you now! Lots of love!


  4. Hi Mikayla, I too have battled the big “C” and am currently in remission. Your writings are very genuine, encouraging and really resonate with my own journey and my family’s various health experiences.
    You are in our prayers,
    Scott & Elizabeth

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Scott!

      Great to hear from you and great to hear that you are currently in remission 🙂 Thank you for the comment and thank you for reading my blog! I appreciate it and the prayers so much!



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