Happy Thanksgiving!

Here are some things I’m feeling thankful for this year:


As much as I hate doing chemo and wish that I would have never had to do it, I’m thankful for it. Thankful I have access to it. Thankful it was an option. Thankful for Canada’s health care system and thankful for health insurance.

My parents and friends

I am thankful for those in my life who have stuck by my side since my diagnosis and especially thankful for those that have stuck with me though my treatment so far. I am thankful for the love, support, concern and prayers.

My health care team

I am so thankful to have a good relationship with all members of my health care team. I am so thankful for my oncologist, my oncology nurses and chemotherapy nurses and pharmacists. I am thankful for their knowledge and concern.

Being alive

Life is a gift and it’s fragile, so I don’t take the privilege of being alive lightly. I am fully aware of how my story could have played out and I’m thankful to be here and to be alive. I am thankful that God wakes me up each and every day to fight this fight.

I hope you get the chance at some point this weekend to reflect on how much you have to be thankful for and I hope you enjoy this weekend with your loved ones and families and cherish the time you spend together.


2 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. Dear Mikayla

    I am thankful that you have worked through some of the feelings you expressed recently in your blogs. You have turned negative into positive again. God bless you.



  2. I am so glad to hear your positive side….yahooo!!!!!!! No matter how dismal our life may get sometimes, I have learned that there is someone worse off than us and that there is always one small thing to be grateful about. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wonderful Mom and Dad.


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