Finishing My Fall 2015 School Term

I had my last exam tonight (super late – I know!) and finally have completed this school semester!

I’m not sure how I made it through and there were moments that were challenging but I’m feeling proud that I stuck with school while doing my cancer treatment.

I’m sure it will make earning my degree that much more rewarding in the end.

Check out this video about final exams and finals week. Here are some parts that stuck out to me:

“In actuality your degree has nothing to do with you. In fact it’s all about Him and what He can do through you.”

“You’re not just students putting pen to paper for the sake of your own ego-centered GPA. You are in training to love people better, to listen to people better, to heal people better…Realize this: your degree is just the door. Your work ethic is the key but it is only by the grace and the strength of God that you will walk through that door and help whoever it may be on the other side.”

How amazing! He is so faithful.

So, whether you have recently had a bad encounter, a bad day, a bad semester, a bad co-op work term, a bad day at work, or are going through a difficult season, know that the only thing that truly matters is Him and what He can do through you.

Going forward into my next term of school, I am feeling a little more at ease than I was when I wrote this post. The fears I have are still similar, but less than they once were, because I now know that I can still succeed in school. I know I am a fighter and I know God is always with me.



4 thoughts on “Finishing My Fall 2015 School Term

  1. This is the season of miracles!!! You are a great miracle to me. Have a super Christmas and know that God is always there. Love ya lots!!!!!


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