Goodbye 2015

I am glad to be saying goodbye to an absolute nightmare of a year.

2015 broke my heart in an unimaginable amount of pieces and taught me more about life than I could have ever imagined (and more than a 20/21 year old should have to learn) and I’m simply pleased to have made it through and to still be standing on my own two feet.

What a year it has been…

I couldn’t have made it through this year without the strength of God, the support of my parents, and my best friends and the guidance from my health care team. I am thankful for their support. I am thankful for everyone who has read my blog posts and has been encouraged and influenced and touched by my story. Being able to share my story through this blog has been amazing. I am thankful to be alive. I am thankful to be breathing and I am thankful that I was able to celebrate Christmas this year with my family.

See ya, 2015 (Wouldn’t wanna be ya).

Here’s to hoping and praying for a better 2016.

Have a safe and happy New Years Eve,

One thought on “Goodbye 2015

  1. Thanks for the visit, it was a very nice surprise. You look amazing and are the same little girl that our family fell in love with many years ago. All the best in 2016 and let’s kick butt. Love Doug and Brenda.


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