To Those Who Left…

I became inspired to write about those who have left me during my time of need after a conversation I had last week with my friend Gabi.

Those who left left a lesson.

To those who left,

Thank you for teaching me that I will never treat someone the way that you have treated me.

Thank you for the lessons of both maturity and of immaturity.

Thank you for teaching me how much of an adult I am in comparison to many other 21 year olds.

Thank you for the lessons you have taught me through your absence in my life, in my struggle and through my cancer journey.

Thank you for teaching me how to be a better friend and a better family member.

Thank you for the realization and solidification that I have received from you in regards to so many different things.

Thank you for these life lessons.

God says that the reason why some people have turned their back on you and walked away from you actually has nothing to do with you and it is more so because they are not able to go where He is interested in taking you. He wants us to let them go and keep moving forward. Even if it hurts.

“I won’t lie to you, people will leave you eventually. Even the ones who promised you that they are here to stay. And it’s okay to miss them, but let them go.” 

My intention in writing this is not to say: “Oh, poor me!” or “I hate that people have left me when I needed them!” or even to make anyone feel bad (about themselves or for me). That’s not what this is about. That’s not my intention. Even if that’s the vibe you get and even if that’s what you seemingly take away from reading this. I am writing this because I have forgiven those who have left. Yes, I miss them. Yes, it’s hard to fight for my life with a small support system. But I also have a mighty God. A good, good God who never left me. A good, good Father.

Sometimes posts like these need to be written because they’re honest.

Thanks for reading and also a thank you to my friend Jenny who encouraged me to write what was on my heart.

How do you deal with those who have abandoned you or left you in a time of need? Leave me a comment below.

3 thoughts on “To Those Who Left…

  1. Forgiving is the best thing to do. If you don’t it haunts you the rest of your life. I know because it still does. I think it is their loss not to have such a warm, sweet, compassionate person like you in their life. I believe to be a friend you have to be there for the good, bad and the ugly. You would be that for your friends. Known that I’m here for you for whatever you need. You are in my thoughts all the time, and I miss you so much!
    I love you kiddo,
    Carolyn 😊🙃💞


  2. Sometimes people require time to rethink their situation and yours. Others just cannot do it. I found this out when my husband died and suddenly those people that I thought were friends were gone and I never heard from them again. That doesn’t mean that they have forgotten you but perhaps need to pray and think of you in privacy. You are in my prayers every night.God bless you. Love…….Julie


  3. This was so beautifully written. You have such a gift with words and I’m so proud of you for writing what is in your heart. Those who leave us in times of need tend to be those who are not strong enough to watch our struggles. Those who cannot face the dark days in our realities and who are not completely secure enough to deal with it. Take these feelings, crunch them in a little ball and throw them away like you would a piece of paper. You are so strong, going through so much and coming to an end of this journey back into the beautiful light of life. Definitely take these moments as lessons for the future on how to have compassion and how to treat others who are facing their own struggles. You are a wonderfully beautiful soul and I’m sending so much love and so many positive thoughts your way!

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