A Letter to My Best Friend…

Dear Em,

I want to wish you a happy birthday and I want to thank you for staying with me this past year when many others left. You have been on this crazy rollercoaster with me since the absolute very beginning and I couldn’t be more thankful for your presence.


Thank you for giving me my chemo injection when I needed you to.

Thank you for holding my hand when my IV line came out.

Thank you for coming with me to my treatments and hanging out in the chemo suite with me.


Thank you for playing multiple card games with me to pass the time as toxic drugs ran through my body.

Thank you for using humour in the difficult times.

Thank you for never letting me give up even when I didn’t know if I could carry on (and for never doubting that I could).


Thank you for coming to see me in the hospital before I had surgery.

Thank you for staying with me until surgery.

Thank you for staying outside of the operating room and thank you for coming to see me while I was in recovery…even though I was super drugged up and then got emotional because you stayed haha.


Thank you for loving me (even when I’m cranky and unlovable) and for laughing with me.

Thank you for understanding me like no one can and accepting me.

Thank you for helping me to see the bright side even when times are dark.


You are beautiful and selfless and caring.

You have sacrificed and given up things to be there for me.

You don’t abandon people when it gets hard and for that you are an inspiration.


And I just want to say thank you for your support. For anyone who is fighting cancer, it is so important to have someone who has been there throughout it all, and I am so glad you have been for me.

Happy birthday, Emily. I love you.

Thank you for being my army.




One thought on “A Letter to My Best Friend…

  1. Happy birthday Emily! I am so happy Mikayla has such a incredible person for a friend. Mikayla is a very special person and so easy to love. But you have proven that you are true friend in every sense of the word! Thank you for being there for the good the bad and the ugly! And as always Mikayla, I love you and you are always in my thoughts . You are a an inspiration. 🤓🙃💞🌹


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