3/4 of the Way

This week marks being 3/4 of the way through my maintenance phase of chemotherapy. I am in my 36th week of interferon injections.


How on earth I have made it 3/4 of the way through chemo is beyond me but I know my strength comes from God. School has been difficult this term through dealing with side effects and a lack of energy but it has been nice to be able to take some courses online as opposed to having to go to campus and sit in a structured class multiple times a week.

Also, my hair is beginning to grow back which is the sweetest thing ever and as annoying as baby hairs can be, they are also such a blessing!! Losing my hair and watching clumps of hair fall out of my head was so traumatizing to me and I know I’ve discussed this previously. I lost the majority of my hair in months 2-4 of doing interferon injections (which would be months 3-5 of being on interferon). You can see some of my new baby hairs poking out in this picture 🙂


February was full of tests and blood work and doctor’s appointments. I don’t want to say anything here until I receive my results from these tests but basically chemo is impacting many other parts of my body and my body is starting to show those effects now. I think it’s just fed up because 36 weeks is a long time to be injected 3 times a week with a drug that makes you feel sick and that’s killing the bad things in your body. I always say that it’s as if my body is saying “Hold up Mikayla, I’ve had enough of this chemo business.”

We’re almost there, body.

Slowly but surely.

I will be done these injections at the end of May and I know that time is going to just fly by.

If you could pray that these tests results show nothing too serious and pray that I can continue to get lots of rest I would seriously appreciate it!



5 thoughts on “3/4 of the Way

  1. Praying Mikayla that your tests will be positive with good healthy results . Your an inspiration, and your walk with the lord is a bright ray of sonshine in a dark difficult time! I am so proud of you and how you have shared your journey with truth, honesty. and grace ❤️


  2. You’re totally on the home stretch, well done. I’m 8 months out of treatment and my hair is getting back to normal – you don’t realize how integrated it is to your identity until you lose it. I am so grateful to feel like myself again. Almost there for you – you won’t regret taking this year for treatment.

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  3. You have fought a brave battle and are almost done, you are so strong. I will pray your results are good. A day doesn’t go by that I haven’t thought of you. Love you! 💞🌹


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