Something has been placed on my heart that I wanted to write about in regards to being brave.

I posted the song “You Make Me Brave” by Amanda Cook (of Bethel Music) on my Facebook profile the other day because I have been so encouraged by it and just loving it and then yesterday in church the worship team sang it!

I am brave because I have prayed so many times asking for the Lord to make me brave. My strength and my ability to be brave comes from Him and He answers my prayers and meets my needs.

I remember moments where I could only pray: “Lord, make me brave.” or: “Lord, give me strength.”

The last week or so has been a reflection period of how I have managed to get through 3/4 of chemo (which is 131 treatments as of today) and how I have been able to survive the crazy moments… like walking into doctor’s offices and waiting rooms where I didn’t know what I would be told, my induction phase, my appendicitis surgery, and being sick in the hospital in October and recently all the tests I’ve been through. I continue to pray, asking God to please make me brave. And He hears me and He answers.

Thanks for reading my reflection on this.

Have a blessed week,

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