It’s been almost two months since I last blogged and I wanted to give an update on what life has been like post-Interferon.

Recovery is not what I thought it would be but I am elated to finally have my body back.


Recovery is weird.

I originally had the expectation that I would bounce back to normal and feel good right away but that wasn’t the case and I guess the hardest part was to not have high expectations. Recovery has been a process of patience.

In the weeks following being done treatment I would get the question “How are you feeling?!” and for the first while I would just say I was feeling good because I didn’t want to get into all of it but as time went on I started opening up more about what recovery truly has been like.

I so badly just wanted to tell people that I was feeling good and that I was back to feeling like a normal 21 year old. But the reality was that for the first few weeks I didn’t feel very good. I really didn’t feel like I noticed that much a difference. Of course there were days that were good and some days that were really good but there were also days that were bad.

Monday nights while I was doing treatment were my worst nights (because I had Saturday and Sunday with no injection) and the first few Monday nights after being done treatment my body would feel like it was still receiving the injection. I’m not sure why that was but it was bizarre. My body was just so used to receiving an injection on Monday nights since it had one every Monday for 48 weeks in a row.

I still get body aches and nauseous from time to time. There are still certain foods that I don’t like the taste of BUT my chemo brain is lifting and my fatigue is mostly gone which is such a blessing. I am able to sleep through the night because my body does not wake me up from pain and to take tylenol every 3.5 hours. My hair is growing back THICK! I had my hair done last week and my hair stylist, Gabi, said how much new hair growth I have which is so encouraging. I take naps as I need them and Tylenol when I need it.

I’ve realized that recovery is just about patience. A lot of patience.

I  am eight weeks off of Interferon and I have been finishing up my last term of school (ever!) and this is my last week of classes. I have started modelling again which I am absolutely loving. It is the best feeling to have energy to do what I love again!

I had blood work in June and my blood cells were looking good but my liver function was still not optimal but I suppose that’s to be expected when you have a chemotherapy drug injected into your body 164 times.

I will touch on the whole “cancer-free” or not subject in a later post – that one needs a whole post to itself.

For the most part, all is well, and I’m happy to have this time to recover and rest when my body needs it.

Here’s some snaps of me from my shoot last week!

Photographer: Laurie Cadman

Hair&Makeup: Gabriela Soares


One thought on “Recovery

  1. It takes a while to get back to feeling great. Cancer treatments are an experience that no one every wants to go through. I appreciate that you can write about it. Keep up the positive attitude and your pictures are absolutely beautiful. Hugs.


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