Goodbye 2016

I’m not even sure how to put my thoughts into words about two-thousand and sixteen but here I go…

January to June was a blur. At the beginning of the year I was about halfway through my maintenance phase of Interferon. These months (until the end of May) that I was receiving the drug truly feel like a blur and I don’t remember much about them. The fact that I don’t remember much about them is both a coping strategy and due to chemo brain and the effect that Interferon was having on my brain. I remember being so very sick and so debilitatingly tired.

Finishing my cancer treatment feels like just yesterday but it also feels like so long ago. The strides I have taken to mend my broken heart are huge but the trauma still haunts me.

June to the present has been about healing and recovery. I am so blessed that my body bounced back so quickly from having Interferon injected into it 164 times. Remembering giving myself needles full of chemotherapy on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights for 48 weeks still disturbs me, and I know that in time the sting of those memories will be less hurtful.

When I try to narrow 2016 down into a few words, the word that stands out the most to me, is restoration.

2016 was a year of restoration.

He is a God of restoration and He’s in the business of making things new and I hope my year can be an example of His goodness to you.

God has restored my health, He has restored my happiness, He has restored my purpose.

He has restored my body, He has restored my life, He has restored my broken heart.

He has restored the colour in my skin, the glow in my eyes, and the smile on my face.

He has restored my energy, He has restored my muscle, and He has restored my strength.

The things the Devil whispered to me that would never be the same has been restored and been made new by a good, good Father.

In 2016 I finished chemotherapy, and I graduated with an honours undergraduate degree.

I have a feeling 2017 is going to be so good and so rich and I am so pumped. I hope you are too.


Happy new year to you,

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