True intimacy with the Lord is grown and developed out of hard seasons, out of moments where you don’t understand His plan for you, and when you can’t fathom His purpose for your life.

True intimacy with Him grows from the moments you have tears streaming down your face and you ask “Why?”

I don’t know what His plans are and I don’t know what this life holds for me. I don’t know if I’m guaranteed today, or tomorrow, or next year. I grieve over that fact every single day.

I’ve been feeling generally unwell. I haven’t been feeling real healthy. I thought maybe this feeling had something to do with the aftermath of planning my wedding by myself, starting my first career a month before my wedding, and then settling into a new home, new routines, and a new life in a sense but I recently had my three month oncology appointment at the cancer centre and my oncologist suggested that I have a few tests done to make sure everything is looking okay.

Long story short, in the initial round of tests, they found a few things that are not of major concern, but wanted to do follow up testing to make sure. For anyone who has been through an illness, you can imagine the amount of anxiety that would result from hearing this, even though it may be nothing of concern!

I’ve been really struggling with the fear of recurrence and I would love your prayers if you could pray that these tests will indicate no bad news. If you could continue to pray for healing over my body that would be so amazing.

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for your prayers!


One thought on “Why?

  1. Hi Mikayla,
    You have had alot on your plate and marriage and career are major adjustments to adapt to. I have you on my list of friends that I pray for and will continue to do so. You are very brave and are very loved by all. That is so important as well.


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