Fix Your Focus

The Christmas season can be hard for a lot of people.

A few weeks ago, I was asked what my favourite and least favourite part about Christmas were. I said that I loved the reason for the season – because I do. I love that we get to celebrate and be reminded of Jesus’ birth. As for what I don’t like about Christmas? I don’t like expectations.

Who can relate?

I don’t like that there are expectations or things we feel like we have to do at this time of year. This season shouldn’t be about things you have to do or things that you need to check off of your list. You don’t want to see that person for Christmas? Stay home. You don’t want to make that phone call? You don’t have to. You want to just stay in on New Years rather than going out? You are so okay to do that.

The only expectation we should have is for the coming of Jesus Christ. It’s the only expectation that matters – for the only reason we celebrate this season is because of Him. He is the reason for the season. It’s why I’m choosing to fix my focus on Jesus this season.

Today, and in the coming days, if you look around and see things that are broken, or missing, or things that feel out of place, may you know that God is with you and He cares about it all and because Jesus was human, we can know that He understands what we feel. The longing. The grief. The unmet dreams. The broken situations. He gets it and He is with you.

If this season is hard for you, may you know that hope is real, help is real, and the best is certainly yet to come.

What is your favourite part and least part about the Christmas season? Let me know in the comments, below.

Peace to you,


One thought on “Fix Your Focus

  1. Wonderful words of wisdom. I agree. Sometimes I just prefer to chill but I also want to spend time with family mostly. I’ve had my share of work and various commitments and it seem like a lot of activity. We should work toward a balance though – and certainly recognize the reason for the season – the birth of Jesus Christ. I also understand that many don’t recognize the birth of Christ and that is their choice. 🙂


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