I’ve been absent from posting on my blog. Here’s why: writing has always been something very cathartic to me – but when life is good, and when it’s full, I don’t run to writing as much.

And right now, life is good. It’s really good.


Today, I turn 25. As with all of my birthdays, I’m so thankful to see another year, to get older(!) and to reflect on my past year.

24 was a year of being deeply challenged but not shaken.
A year of loss but also a year of hope.
A year of tremendous growth and awakening.
A year of breakthrough.

It was a year that caught me by surprise.
Full of new love, new joy, and new beginnings.

Today, I run joyfully forward into 25 and I couldn’t be more excited.



PS If you’re experiencing life changes that keep taking you by surprise, please know that life can change, change, and then change again, and love and hope can still show up for you as a surprise.

Keep believing. Keep hoping. I promise you, you can still be surprised.

The best is always yet to come.

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